We’d love to help you create a better market position by reducing your costs significantly

We do this by first analysing your purchasing and procurement activities. We then help implement the improvements that generate savings. The result is a significant reduction in the cost of purchasing processes, raw materials, and packaging.

Core activities

  • Analysis and benchmarking of the cost portfolio
  • Initiating improvements and cost saving opportunities
  • Developing strategies and implementing cost savings
  • Coaching of purchasing teams
  • Global purchasing market research and searching for alternative sources


  • Chemical industry (coatings, adhesives and sealants industry)
  • Packaging (drums, aerosol cans, cans, pails and cartridges)
  • Investments
  • Costs (energy, transport and distribution)

Proven Purchasing Excellence

We have achieved this thanks to our clients’ trust and our passionate approach. And, by continuously asking ourselves: “How can we improve even more?” Raising the bar is so much more fulfilling for us than just coasting along.


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